Inspiring women to work in aviation & aerospace


Aviation/Aerospace Australia

Aviation/Aerospace Australia is a not-for-profit that represents the entire sector, helping promote the industry’s long-term health through training, advocacy, gender diversity, and recruitment. Our brief was to raise awareness of the diversity of roles available for young women  to inspire them to consider a role in the field.


Inspire women to consider careers in aviation and aerospace

The problem is that although there’s a wide range of rewarding roles for women in the industry, it’s simply not on the radar for many young women. 

Thanks to an endless tide of Instagram influencers, YouTube creators, and reality TV celebrities, many believe there are cooler and safer ways for them to have an impact on the world.

No other career can take you higher


A campaign that spoke to the inspiring possibilities within the industry

We created a long-term campaign platform to bring the exciting opportunities in the industry to the fore.

The campaign showcases inspiring women within the industry, using a simple device – ‘I’m A’ – to demonstrate what’s possible through a career in aviation and aerospace. From a Royal Australian Air Force Pilot to a Ph.D. student in Aerospace Engineering, we showed that young women could become whatever they wanted to be.


An integrated campaign

So far we’ve created a launch video, posters, landing page, and brochure for parents and teachers to share with the young women in their lives. Besides providing inspiration, we’re also giving them the information they need to make appropriate school subject choices while there’s still time.