Working with Transport for NSW to help children stay tram safe

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With the Sydney light rail due to open to the public in early December, GHO have been working with the team at Transport for NSW on a campaign to help keep thousands of students from 36 schools along the new line stay safe as testing ramps up.

“They’re driving very heavy vehicles and we need people to be aware of the dangers.” Andrew Constance, Transport Minister

Tram Safe

A teenage boy has been hit by a tram on Anzac Parade, fortunately avoiding serious injuries, with authorities so concerned about safety now, they've started rolling out special classes for students. #9News |

Posted by 9 News Sydney on Friday, 27 September 2019

“Thank you so much for this work. Friday’s incident is a testament to the importance of what we developed together. Thank you so much to GHO.”Troy Griffith, Principal Manager, Executive Coordination, Transport for NSW

The campaign will feature a set of animated eBooks for the younger years and videos for the teenagers. These tools will be used to help teachers improve tram awareness and provide potentially “life saving lessons” prior to the trams becoming operational.

“We just want those kids at those schools to be really aware about how to be safe around trams.” – Marg Prendergast, Coordinator General, Transport Coordination, Transport for NSW

“The campaign will roll out at the start of term four giving teachers a couple of months to get the message across, before trams start operating in early December.”Liz Daniels, State Politics Reporter, 9 News

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