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UX strategy / Brand design / UI / Website development


Showcase the Urbanest lifestyle

GHO worked collaboratively with Urbanest to redesign their public website to better communicate their value proposition. Fundamentally, the core drivers behind the redesign were two-fold; demonstrate their leading customer experience to customers around the globe and drive business efficiencies through internal, agent and partner channels.


Bring the properties to life online

Through our customer centric process, and using design thinking principles, we looked at how to digitally showcase their market leading customer experience and demonstrate the Urbanest lifestyle in their many purpose-built, fully featured properties. We also looked to improve the experience for their international booking agents (a key acquisition channel) through a dedicated microsite and gated portal built to support their needs and build advocacy through an agent loyalty program.


Built for students

We grounded the process in user centric design principles which involved extensive research into how customers interact with our website. This included everything from the process behind their search, to what they are considering during the enquiry process as well as how the brand re-positioning aligned to their needs.


Finding the right property

Ensuring students are placed in the right property for their unique preferences, improves the overall experience and chance of rebooking. With the research surfacing the insight that each property had a very distinct feel and personality due to myriad factors (such as distance to universities and the surrounding area), this became the basis for us developing a solution to pair students with properties though a quick online tool.

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