Exchange for Change

Enabling NSW residents to calculate their impact

UX Strategy / UI Design / Design / Website Development


How do you help an individual understand the impact their recycling can have?

Most of us only ever consider our blue or yellow bins when we think about recycling. But there’s so much more that can be done. We wanted people to think about the real impact of recycling empty drink containers, and a new look Return and Earn website was the starting point.  


Making an impact with recycling

We worked closely with the team from Return and Earn NSW, redesigning the site from the ground up and, most importantly, included a custom-made Impact Calculator. The calculator will help educate NSW residents on the impact they can make by showing a visual relationship between what they recycle and positive outcomes for the environment. 


Demonstrating why every container counts

We developed and built the intuitive new website, dashboard and Impact Calculator to encourage the recycling habit and drive advocacy for Return and Earn. Building the Impact Calculator brought together all our core disciplines at GHO Sydneyfrom design to UX to dev to copywriting.  


Spreading the good news

We made it easy for people to share the positive results of their recycling through Return and Earn’s social channels. The feel-good posts encouraged others to look at the difference they could make.   


Recycling superstars

Upon completion of the Impact Calculator journey, the user’s results could be saved as a downloadable certificate, which can then also be shared across social channels.