GHO CoLab design sprints.

CoLab Design sprints

A more collaborative process,
for a better result in less time.

GHO’s CoLab offers a range of workshops that use design thinking to address any problem your organisation faces, in any time frame – from as little as one hour to five days or more.

Our flagship is the five day CoLab Design Sprint, a process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products or services, or improving existing ones. It compresses potentially months of work into a few days. And the good news is, clients are only needed for two of those days.



Why use CoLab?

GHO’s CoLab design sprints are the fastest way to find out what a website, an app, a service or a marketing program could be – and if it’s worth developing at all. With the right people in the room (or on the video call), we’ll take you through a structured process that’s more fun, less stressful, and leads to clear, actionable decisions. Together, we can do in a few hours or a few days what would normally take months of debate and deliberation.

Over 100 design sprints

Many of Australia’s leading companies use GHO CoLab to create new opportunities, fast. Working with a small team, we have used the process to design:
A global web experience for Breville.
An employee giving program for CommBank.
A digital transformation program for Allianz.
A member portal for Aware Super.
A customer acquisition program for a major retailer.
A cost-effective marketing program for a rapidly growing start-up.



Brands we've worked with

Clients love GHO CoLab because it replaces months of guesswork, busywork and meeting paralysis with real, tangible progress. With the right process, you can get more done in a week than you could in months.



How it works

Design Sprints can be as short of as long as you like, but our core sprint takes place over 5 days.

On Day 1, we work with you to define the challenge and learn as much as we can about it.

On Day 2, we generate ideas, choose the most useful, and decide which to prototype.

On Days 3 and 4, you leave us to develop the prototypes, share them with you and iterate.

On Day 5, we test with real customers.

We then follow up with a report that summarises what we did, what we learned, and what we recommend.

What are the specific outputs?

In a CoLab Design Sprint, you’ll receive two specific outputs. First, is real, working prototypes –  it could be an app, a website, a brochure, a video, or a combination. Second, within a few days, we’ll have a meeting where you’ll receive a report that summarizes everything we’ve covered, what we learned from customers and our recommended next steps. It’s an amazingly powerful way to share with your own stakeholders, get buy-in, and move forward.


Speaking from Experience

What our clients say

CoLAB provides answers to big, challenging questions. The team described it as being more like a marathon then a sprint as a huge amount of work gets done in five intense days. I have seen the experience align groups to a shared vision in a way that few other exercises can with validated results.
Monique Macleod
CMO CommBank
The CoLAB process presented a risk-free environment to enable us to think outside the box. The GHO team not only challenged our thought process, they added to the conversation and enabled us to come up with a solution that far exceeded our expectations.
Todd Morgan
SBD Business Specialist, 
Allianz Australia
I speak for everyone at Supply Nation when I say THANK YOU! We not only thoroughly enjoyed the workshop but got a great prototype to build from. It was definitely a well-spent week and we can’t wait to build it out more and continue on.
Andrew Wolfson
Digital Program Manager Supply Nation

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