We help brands find certainty in an uncertain world

The Work

Planet Puberty

To help tackle the sensitive topic of puberty for the parents and carers of kids with disabilities, we embraced a diverse range of stakeholders, developing a light-hearted educational platform, Planet Puberty, which recognised that puberty is a whole new world. The campaign has just launched across web, social and print.


Return and Earn

We worked closely with the team from Return and Earn NSW, redesigning the site from the ground up and, most importantly, included a custom-made Impact Calculator. The calculator will help educate NSW residents on the impact they can make by showing a visual relationship between what they recycle and positive outcomes for the environment. 

Macca's Hacks​

The CommBank app now offers shopping rewards with a range of partners, including cashback when you ordered Macca’s from Menulog. We created a series of native videos leveraging the trend of ‘Macca’s Hacks’, adding a new one: cashback via the CommBank app. The videos appeared on TikTok Topview on Easter Saturday.  

Support that fits

With the advent of covid, CommBank’s call centre was often busy, leading to longer wait times and frustrated customers. To direct customers to online chat – a great option that was underutilized – we created a social campaign that showed that they could speak to the team directly, no matter what they were doing. Campaign reporting has shown a significant uplift in usage to date.

Allianz Insurance
Digital Transformation

As Allianz’s digital partner, GHO has helped create a cleartransparent next generation experience for customers, working closely with international teams to provide industry leading UX via workshops and design sprints. In the process, we have conducted over 60 user interviews.  

The Gingerbread Agency

As 2021 ended, with many clients going spare at home with kids, we sent a gift that helped bring them together: the Gingerbread Agency. We delivered all the ingredients and instructions, then invited them to share their creations with us – with the winner nominating a charity of their choice. The response was hugely positive not just from clients, but their kids.


In the wake of covid, with the share market at a new low, CommSec was inundated with new customers, most of them naïve first time investors – a risk for them and for CommSec’s reputation if they lost money. To reduce the risk, we created CommSec Learn, a comprehensive online course for new investors. Within months of launch, with almost no marketing, the program received 108,932 visitors. 

CommBank Business
Right behind Sydney

Having received a stream of negative messages from the government and media during COVID, the Western Sydney region was feeling unloved and unappreciated. So we created an integrated campaign across OOH, social and digital letting them know we were right behind them. The campaign caused a significant uplift in consideration for the bank.

CommBank Business
Foresight COVID

CommBank Foresight is the content platform for CommBank Business, offering insights for future-facing businesses. As people began returning to work in late 2021, it was time to encourage them to look to the future. The social campaign focused on all the aspects of ‘normal’ business life they could look forward to, driving site visitors and engagement.

Coffee Journey

Coffee is a growing part of Breville’s business. To capitalise on the growing interest in the category , and after extensive customer research, a design sprint, prototypes and user testing, we developed Breville Coffee Journey, a premium digital experience featuring recipes, tutorials, inspiration and an immersive journey through the entire coffee-making process.



Bravery & Innovation


It takes a level of bravery to forge a new path, especially when your own capital is on the line. We’ve chosen to embrace clients’ ideas in Design Sprints, to open ourselves up to customers through research, and to put a significant investment of real capital into a start-up with no guarantee of success. And, as an agency that helps Brands find certainty in uncertain times, we’re proud that we ourselves have thrived through uncertain times, winning clients, retaining our people, paying them in full, and allowing them to enjoy a balanced life. It’s an exciting time, and one that only being independent makes possible. Which is why we believe we’re Mumbrella’s Independent Agency of the Year.