Eithne McSwiney presents ‘No other career can take you higher’ at A/AA International Women’s Day Breakfast

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View Case Study: “No other career can take you higher”

GHO Managing Director, Eithne McSwiney addressing the audience

“We were briefed with creating a campaign that inspires girls and their parents to consider seeking a career in the Aviation and Aerospace industries.

“A shocking statistic is that only 3% of the world pilots are women. Why are so few women choosing to work in aviation? When we dug a bit deeper a little bit around those that do, we realised that they have a couple of things in common:

  • They either had a family member in the industry who showed them it was possible at an early age.
  • Or they had a teacher who encouraged them to reach for the stars, literally and helped and encouraged them to choose the right subjects to follow this career.

One of the reasons that girls and their parents aren’t considering careers in the Aviation and Aerospace industries is because they are not aware of the scale and breadth of opportunities available to them. Exciting, well paid careers with the ability to change the world for the better.

There’s a saying: “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

With such a small number of women represented in the Aviation and Aerospace industry it’s fair to say that young girls currently lack role models for these diverse and exciting careers.

So, our aim in this campaign was to simply show the range of roles available for young women, and the inspiring women already doing them.

When we thought about what it meant to be working in this industry, we realised that literally, No Career can take you Higher.

A career in Aviation and Aerospace can take you to the sky and beyond. This generation of women will be the first to travel to Mars. No other career can claim that!

And all the work that the engineers are doing creating lighter, safer materials that have less impact on the environment means it is even easier to connect people all over the world than ever before.”

And so, No other career can take you higher became the campaign line.

We decided to demonstrate this by showcasing a group of truly inspirational women who already working or are training to work in this dynamic industry.

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