Design Thinking
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Our collaborative facility for solving business challenges fast

CoLAB leverages agile methodologies and collaboration between our team of design thinkers and your expert stakeholders. This process incorporates ideation, prototyping and customer testing in a risk-free environment. It can be applied from brand positioning to product development and creates real value for businesses to validate marketing initiatives.

Client testimonials

“CoLAB is a focused, accelerated sprint to a tangible outcome. It provides answers to big, challenging questions. The team described it as being more like a marathon then a sprint as a huge amount of work gets done in five intense days. I have seen the experience align groups to a shared vision in a way that few other exercises can with validated results.”

– Monique Macleod,  CMO CommBank

“The CoLAB process was engrossing. We started by defining our problem and what success would look like. We collaborated on a variety of solutions in order to produce a workable prototype for customer testing all within 5 days. The solution far exceeded our expectations."

– Todd Morgan SBD Specialist - Allianz Australia

“We not only thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, but got a great prototype to build from. It was definitely a well-spent week and we can’t wait to build it out more and continue on.”

– Andrew Wolfson - Digital Program Manager – Supply Nation

Our methodology
Big Challenge

A big challenge can be solved over a 5-day period through a collaborative effort of thinking, designing and customer testing.

Engaging stakeholders

A design sprint is about empowering your decision makers and stakeholders with the information to focus on and a solution to prototype.

Cross functional team

By collaborating with your stakeholders and our team we gather insights and ideas that may not have come to light previously.

5 consecutive days

5 consecutive days is an adequate time frame to complete the sprint within, focused on solving the challenge.